Enhance your soups and salads with Tipiak’ Croutons!

Passion and creativity have enabled Tipiak to become leader of the European Market for Croutons. Tipiak Epicerie has combined the expertise in bread and the efficiency of the industrial process to keep one step ahead in the manufacture of high-quality croutons.

Croutons for food manufacturers allow preparation of both original and crispy types:

  • Several technologies: toasted or fried
  • Plain or flavoured: garlic, herbs, cheese, etc.
  • Different shapes: round, cubed, sliced obliquely, balls etc.
  • And different sizes: from 8x8mm to 16x16mm in cubes and for round croutons from 20mm to 35mm
  • With or without palm oil
  • Possibility of significant inclusions
  • Ecocert Organic Certification
  • Available in sachets of 15g to boxes of 10kg.

Tipiak guarantees a level of quality that satisfies the highest demands of its industrial customers; certifications ISO 9001, BRC and IFS.