Enhance your preparations with our functional properties of cassava texturizers!

Tipiak is the specialist in tapioca. As the only European producer of tapioca, Tipiak naturally masters the production process and guarantees a level of quality that meets the highest requirements of European food manufacturers (certifications ISO 9001 and BRC).

Tipiak chooses cassava for the following properties:

  • Low level of amylose: resistance to retrogradation
  • Soft and creamy texture when cooked
  • Neutral in taste and colour
  • Shiny and translucent gel
  • No GMO

Tipiak offers high performance texturizers based  on cassava:

  • Tapiocaline: range of texturizers with unique functional properties that confers soft and creamy qualities, fat reduction, water retention and the optimization of formulation costs. Declared "clean label". Available as organic.
    Tapiocaline is available in 5 sizes depending on the preparation and its intended impact: FA517, CR521, EX533, ST500 and FL584.
  • Prétaline: cassava pregel that develops a viscosity in cold preparations or used as an help to the process. Declared "clean label".
  • Spécialine: cassava modified starch that is very resistant to process conditions and guarantees the stability of the texture of the finished products. Allows meat tumbling.
  • Applications: this range is used in prepared meat and fish products, cold meats, ready-meals and sauces, dairy products and cheese, frozen desserts and bakeries and pastries. 
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