Vary and innovate with our cereal accompaniments!

Leader in cereal dishes, Tipiak offers food manufacturers a wide range of cereals combining creativity, easy to use and nutritional balance.

This range consists of plain or flavoured couscous, precooked durum wheat, bulgur wheat, quinoa and unique cereal mixes to rehydrate in hot or cold water, for use in catering salads or cooked dishes. To vary the taste, colours and textures in all your preparations!

  • Couscous: a range of standard or superior quality Couscous, fine, medium or large. Plain or spicy. Available as organic
  • Cereal blends: gourmand cereals (with durum wheat cereal flakes), Mediterranean cereals (wheat, malted rye flakes, parsley and olive oil), gourmand quinoa (bulgur wheat and quinoa), mix gourmand (cereal mix and pulses). Registered Trademarks.
  • Specialities: resulting from the unique expertise of Tipiak Epicerie; corn pearls, lentil pearls and a trio of pearls. 
  • Cereals: white quinoa, blond quinoa from Anjou, red quinoa, bulgur wheat, precooked durum wheat, polenta, israeli couscous

 Tipiak guarantees a level of quality that meets the highest demands of its industrial customers. Certifications ISO 9001 and BRC.