Senior Food

Choose your application and discover what tapioca can do for you!

Tipiak’s range of exclusive tapioca texturizers offers a world of solutions for all your food applications and your different objectives.

Whatever your application is, Tapioca can enrich your recipes and enhance your preparations.

Tipiak is the Tapioca specialist. As the only European producer of Tapioca, Tipiak naturally masters the production process and guarantees a level of quality that meets the highest requirements of European food manufacturers (BRC certificate).

Senior Food

Application Details

Texture Improver

  • Texture is smoother, creamier and juicier.
  • Thanks to Tapiocaline®’s high water binding capacity, puree looks shinier and with no water dripping.

Fat Reducer

  • Fat and oil are reduced while keeping the texture juicy.

Easy to Digest

  • Thanks to its viscosity, Tapiocaline® prevents choking hazard.

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