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Tipiak offers a world of solutions to help you achieve different objectives! Whatever your objective is, Tapioca can provide you with a solution to obtain it.

Optimizing production costs, and ensuring secured supply, has always been a key factor for industrials. It has recently become a crucial challenge for all producers. Tipiak’s line of tapioca texturizers enables to sharply reduce costs. Have a look below !

Reduce Cost – How?

Tapiocaline® is a partially pregelatinized tapioca starch with a clean label declaration : tapioca starch, or starch.

It has a very high water binding capacity : up to 5 times its weight so expensive ingredients such as meat, fish, cream, butter, fat, eggs, methylcellulose and on (en gras meat, fish, cream, butter, fat, eggs, methylcellulose) , may be subsequently reduced.

in MEAT formulations, fat may be 30% reduced by adding 2.5% Tapiocaline® CR521 ; in some tumbled formulation, carrageenans may be substituted by T Tapiocaline® FA517

in SAUCES, cream may be 36% reduced

– in SEAFOOD, preparations, fish quantity may be decreased as well, saving 15% on formulation costs

– in DAIRY-BASED Desserts such as Panna Cotta, cream is 50% reduced and gelatine may be removed as well ; in custard pies, egg content may be significantly reduced as well.

– in BAKERY formulations, fat is 15% reduced

– in GLUTEN-FREE Bakery formulations, cookies breaking rate is sharply reduced

– in PLANT-BASED formulations, methyl-cellulose and psyllium may be removed from formulations thanks to Tapiocaline®

– in PETFOOD kibble formulations, expansion rate obtained when using Tapiocaline® is twice higher than when using other botanical origins.

Pretaline® is an instant tapioca starch, with a clean label declaration : tapioca starch, or starch.

In BAKERY production : it instantly thickens pastry dough. So no need to cool down batter before dosing ; and small particles (chocolate or fruit chunks) are well dispersed and do not sediment. So amount of expensive ingredients may be reduced, and productivity is improved.

In COLD-PROCESSED  sauces, creams, fillings : Pretaline® texturizes sauces and creams at cold temperature. So that industrials may save on energy bills 

Specialine®  is a modified tapioca starch which resists to all types of high-sheering process, such as UHT treatment, sterilization, or freeze-thaw cycles.

– It enables to reduce usage of certain hydrocolloïds
– When combined with Tapiocaline® , it leads to fat reduction. 


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