Improve Texture

Tipiak offers a world of solutions to help you achieve different objectives! Whatever your objective is, Tapioca can provide you with a solution to obtain it.

If you're looking to bring extra succulence to your products, then Tapiocaline® is definitely the KEY texturizer you need ! Thanks to its high-water binding capacity, Tapiocaline® adds extra moisture, extra juicyness, extra smoothiness to your MEAT, FISH, PLANT-BASED formulations. For DAIRY or PLANT-based desserts, it adds extra creamyness.

Improve Texture – How?

  • Bettter mouthfeel thanks to Tapiocaline®’s clean taste
  • Tapiocaline® brings extra moisture, prevents crumbliness and improves mouthfeel in commonly dry gluten free bakeries.
  • Extra softness and fatty mouthfeel.
  • In desserts: Casein, milk powder and butter are sharply reduced, whilst Tapiocaline® enables to maintain typical functionalities of processed cheese (shreddability and melting properties).
  • Better spreadability for butter or butter-like desserts
  • Texture is smoother, creamier, pulpier or juicier depending on which Tapiocaline® particle size you use.
  • Better spreadability for pates, butter or butter-like desserts, vegan cheese.
  • In meat: Tapiocaline® shows good synergies with fibers, to maintain requested level of «bite», and to improve softness.
  • In petfood: Blending Tapiocaline® with other raw materials greatly increases expansion rate and number of holes in the extruded finished products such as kibbles.
  • In sauces: Sauce looks glossier and creamier, with a better coating effect
  • Viscosity is increased.
  • Thanks to Tapiocaline®’s high water binding capacity, puree looks shinier and with no water dripping.


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