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Tipiak is the Tapioca specialist. As the only European producer of Tapioca, Tipiak naturally masters the production process and guarantees a level of quality that meets the highest requirements of European food manufacturers (BRC certificate).



Low Fat & Gluten Free Juicy Meatballs

Application Details

Process Helper

  • High water binding capacity
  • Yield is improved.
  • For meatballs : meat is easier to shape, mix being less sticky.

Texture Improver

  • Tapiocaline® shows good synergies with fibers, to maintain requested level of «bite», and to improve softness.
  • Bettter mouthfeel thanks to Tapiocaline®’s clean taste
  • Texture is smoother and juicier.
  • Better spreadability for pates

Clean Label

  • Allergen-free ingredient list
  • Polyphosphates, carrageenans and modified starch can be removed from formulations, thanks to Tapiocaline® FA517SG

Cost Reducer

  • Formulations cost is 10% reduced.
  • Tapiocaline® CR 521 SG can replace sodium caseinates.
  • Specialine® can replace carrageenans, as well as Tapiocaline FA517SG for a clean label alternative

Fat Reducer

  • Fat can be reduced up to 33% while keeping the texture juicy.

Fat Mimetics

  • Tapiocaline® EX533 and Tapiocaline® ST 500 SG may be used to bring visible fat particles.

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