Improve Food Rating

Tipiak offers a world of solutions to help you achieve different objectives! Whatever your objective is, Tapioca can provide you with a solution to obtain it.

There are different solutions to follow, in order to improve the food-rate profile of a product.
Tapiocaline® enables to lessen fat content, clean up formulations, go organic, or go vegan.

Tapiocaline® comes in different particle sizes which can serve your different goals.

Improve Food Rating – How?

Tapiocaline® is the clean label solution to fully remove from formulations:

Allergens such as gluten

E-numbers such as Methylcellulose, Xanthan, Polyphosphates, Hydrocolloïds, Carrageenans, Guar gum E412 and modified starches


FAT reducer
Thanks to its high-water binding capacity, Tapiocaline® enables to sharply reduce FAT without degrading food texture, and while keeping it creamy and juicy. For instance, in some sauce formulation, fat is 40%-reduced thanks to Tapiocaline®, without any water retrogradation.

ORGANIC formulations 
2 particle sizes of Tapiocaline® are available in organic and gluten free version: Tapiocaline® CR521 BioSG and Tapiocaline® ST500 BioSG.

SALT & SUGAR reduction
Tapiocaline® has a very clean taste, which doesn’t interfere into products’ organoleptics. Sugar, Salt or Spices may be then reduced.

VEGAN formulations
In some plant-based products, Tapiocaline® helps to remove eggs, caseins, gelatin, or methyl-cellulose from formulation.


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