Vegan Formulation

Tipiak offers a world of solutions to help you achieve different objectives! Whatever your objective is, Tapioca can provide you with a solution to obtain it.

Formulating vegan dishes is a major trend, yet very challenging when targeting succulence.

Tapiocaline® is a powerful binder, which helps both to remove methylcellulose, and to bring extra juiciness, without water retrogradation.

Pretaline® enables to texturize sauce at cold temperature. Since it brings viscosity at cold, it also helps shaping analog meat balls or patties.

Vegan Formulation – How?

Process Helper

  • Thanks to Tapiocaline® high water binding  capacity, moulding stage is easier, mix being less sticky.
  • Pretaline® may also be added to texturize sauces at cold temperature, for instance.

Texture Improver

  • Better mouthfeel is achieved thanks to Tapiocaline®’s clean taste.
    Texture is also creamier, smoother, shinier and juicier.
  • Thanks to Tapiocaline®’s unique long texture, better spreadability is obtained in butter-like formulations, or in vegan spreads.

Clean Label

  • E-number free ingredient list
  • Allergen-free & dairy-free ingredient list is possible.
  • Declaration is clean: tapioca starch.
  • Methylcellulose, Xanthan and modified starch can be removed from formulations.
  • Tapiocaline® is an excellent substitute for gelatin.

Cost Reducer

  • Thanks to Tapiocaline®, formulations costs are up to 50% reduced.


Fat Reducer

  • Fat can be reduced up to 99% while keeping the texture juicy.

Fat Mimetics

  • Tapiocaline® ST500 unique particle size mimics fat seeds in vegan sausage.


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