Gluten Free

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Tipiak’s range of exclusive tapioca texturizers offers a world of solutions for all your food applications and your different objectives.

Whatever your application is, Tapioca can enrich your recipes and enhance your preparations.

Tipiak is the Tapioca specialist. As the only European producer of Tapioca, Tipiak naturally masters the production process and guarantees a level of quality that meets the highest requirements of European food manufacturers (BRC certificate).

Gluten Free

Pao de Queijo

Gluten Free Brazilian Delicacies

Application Details

Process Helper

  • High water binding capacity
  • Dough is easier to convey and mould.
  • Using Pretaline® increases dough viscosity at cold, ensuring even bread loaves.
  • Using Pretaline® prevents chocolate chips from sedimenting which makes dough thicker and hence cakes rise with a regular shape.

Texture Improver

  • Tapiocaline® brings extra moisture, prevents crumbliness and improves mouthfeel in commonly dry gluten free bakeries.
  • Texture is smoother and juicier.
  • Extra softness and fatty mouthfeel.

Clean Label

  • Allergen-free ingredient list.
  • Guar gum and modified starch can be removed from formulations.
  • 2 ingredients for one single clean declaration: Tapioca starch.

Cost Reducer

  • To reduce breaking rate in cookies, thanks to Tapiocaline® binding capacity.
  • Formulations cost is up to 10% reduced.
  • Sugar content is reduced thanks to Tapiocaline®’s clean taste.
  • Whole eggs are reduced.
  • Less markers are needed.
  • Less butter is needed.

Fat Reducer

  • Fat can be reduced up to 15% only by adding 2% Tapiocaline® and water.

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