What can Tipiak Tapioca texturizers do for your DESSERTS formulations ?

In Dairy or Plant-based desserts (en gras Dairy Plant-based desserts , Tipiak starches are key ingredients to texturize, to bring extra succulence and extra creaminess, and a shinier look to silky yogurts.

• Thanks to Tapiocaline®, it is also possible to sharply reduce costs, or even to rock a pudding formulation by adding some translucid tapioca markers, with a clean label declaration.

• Pretaline® texturizes fruit sauces at cold temperature

• Specialine® brings viscosity when cooked up, and resists to high-sheering process such as sterilization and freeze-thaw cycles.

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Chocolate Mousse

Vegan, Organic & Gluten Free

Application details

Original Aspect

  • Using particles of Tapiocaline® ST500, Tapiocaline® EX 533 GF or Tapioca Pearls can bring original and translucid visual markers to your dessert.

Process Helper

  • High water binding capacity
  • With Specialine®: For resistance to high-shearing process, heat treatment and freezing
  • With Specialine®: To enable freeze-thaw stability
  • With Pretaline®: To avoid fruits and markers from sedimenting at the bottom of the dessert

Texture Improver

  • Casein, milk powder and butter are sharply reduced, whilst Tapiocaline® enables to maintain typical functionalities of processed cheese (shreddability and melting properties).
  • Bettter mouthfeel thanks to Tapiocaline®’s clean taste
  • Texture is smoother, creamier, pulpier or juicier depending on which Tapiocaline® particle size you use.
  • Better spreadability for butter or butter-like desserts.

Clean Label

  • Allergen-free ingredient list
  • Tapiocaline® is an excellent substitute for gelatin.
  • Carrageenans and modified starch can be removed from formulations, when using Tapiocaline® FA517.

Cost Reducer

  • Formulations cost is 10% reduced by removing expensive and versatile raw materials.
  • Specialine® can replace carrageenans.

Fat reducer

  • Fat can be reduced up to 50 % while keeping the texture juicy.

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