Clean Label cold-swell tapioca starch

Pretaline® is a pregelatinized tapioca texturizing ingredient. It is a clean label cold-swell starch, which develops an instant high viscosity, great for cold sauces. Pretaline® also prevents fruits and markers from sedimenting at the bottom of cakes and pies. It is also a process helper : dosing stage is made easy thanks to its instant binding capacity.


Product Details

Unique Properties

  • Transparent, odorless and with a natural taste
  • Thickens dough and sauces at cold temperature
  • Keeps pieces in suspension before heating

Usage Rate

1.5 to 3%

Logistic information

Bag: 20 KG

Pallet: 80×120 – 540 KG

BBD: 12 months

Product information

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