Modified Tapioca Starch

Specialine® is a high performance double reticulated and stabilized tapioca starch - E1442 - which develops a high viscosity once cooked up.
It resists to high sheering process, such as sterilization or freezing step.

Specialine® brings benefits to finished products for: texture, product quality, and formulation cost.


Product Details

Unique Properties

  • Develops a high viscosity starting 65°C / 150°F temperature
  • Resists to high-shearing process, heat treatment and enables freeze-thaw stability
  • Provides a smooth and creamy texture as well as a glossier and creamier look for sauces
  • Optimizes the formulation costs by reducing or totally replacing certain additives (hydrocolloids, carrageenans, …)

Usage rate

2 to 3%

Logistic information

Bag: 25 KG

US Pallet : 100×120 – 1000 KG

EURO Pallet : 80×120 – 675 KG

BBD: 12 months

Product Information


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